And that’s why you don’t Google yourself!

You’ll go blind! Tonight I was googling myself to see if any blogs had written about my music and I found a review of a show I played a year ago with two great artists; Matthew Perryman Jones and Jeremy Lister. I felt pretty good about the show. Here’s what she thought of me:


“Aron opened the set. (yes, that’s how he spells his name.) He caused me to wonder why in a town with so much talent was he sharing the stage with these 2 other guys. Aron channeled Damien Rice- very moody, whiney songs performed to effects-driven guitar and keyboard. Think Ross from Friends with “his sound” and that’s what Aron reminded me of. Plus, if I wanted to hear a guy sing high like a girl, I’d see Justin Timberlake, and he’d at least be attractive & dancing. For Aron’s last song, he accompanied himself on the ukulele and I fought back laughs. Were we really supposed to take him seriously?”

You can read the rest of her blog here.

I remember a few years ago I was reading a review of Sigur Ros (one of the best bands ever) and the reviewer said the lead singer Jonsi mewed like a dying cat except he used the phrase “terminal resignation” instead of dying.

It’s amazing to me how each individual’s brain and body can react so differently to the same piece of music or sounds.

Justin Timberlake is a pretty handsome guy.



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