Music and memories

music brainThe other day the Counting Crow’s song,”Round Here” came on the radio and it overwhelmed my brain with a memory from the summer of ’93. I was instantly taken back to my friend Shaun’s half-finished basement where we slept on top of sleeping bags (because it was so hot in St. Louis) and left the Counting Crows album on repeat all night. We had also just figured out how to connect multiple speakers and had rounded up as many car speakers and stereo speakers as we could find, probably a dozen in all, creating a primitive surround-sound setup. Not only was the imagery vivid, the general feeling of being thirteen and care-free trumped the reality of working for a living, bills and being an adult.

Sometimes, in the midst of trying to make money from my art, I forget how powerful music is and what inspired me to begin creating it in the first place. Music makes words dance, it turns an empty room into a dance hall, it helps us fall in love and heals us when our heart breaks, it gives us cues for the simple memories we might have otherwise forgotten. It encourages me to know that something I create might someday have this impact on someone else.

I found an article and a website that relate to these thoughts:

“Scientists study how music stirs memories”

a form and sketchpad for a collection of memories tied to songs. I thought this was interesting but couldn’t figure out what they were going to do with it.

If you have a memory tied to a song I’d love to hear it in the comments section below….


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