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Music and memories

music brainThe other day the Counting Crow’s song,”Round Here” came on the radio and it overwhelmed my brain with a memory from the summer of ’93. I was instantly taken back to my friend Shaun’s half-finished basement where we slept on top of sleeping bags (because it was so hot in St. Louis) and left the Counting Crows album on repeat all night. We had also just figured out how to connect multiple speakers and had rounded up as many car speakers and stereo speakers as we could find, probably a dozen in all, creating a primitive surround-sound setup. Not only was the imagery vivid, the general feeling of being thirteen and care-free trumped the reality of working for a living, bills and being an adult.

Sometimes, in the midst of trying to make money from my art, I forget how powerful music is and what inspired me to begin creating it in the first place. Music makes words dance, it turns an empty room into a dance hall, it helps us fall in love and heals us when our heart breaks, it gives us cues for the simple memories we might have otherwise forgotten. It encourages me to know that something I create might someday have this impact on someone else.

I found an article and a website that relate to these thoughts:

“Scientists study how music stirs memories”


a form and sketchpad for a collection of memories tied to songs. I thought this was interesting but couldn’t figure out what they were going to do with it.


If you have a memory tied to a song I’d love to hear it in the comments section below….


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Amanda Ball’s Art Show with music by Allie and Bill Peden

Amanda Ball is an amazing artist and probably the genuinely nicest person you’ll ever meet. I’m not great at describing art but a here are a few words and adjectives that come to mind; folky, ephemeral, nostalgic, found objects, rustic. Her art is something you would see on the walls of the imaginary, perfect, mountain cabin you have in your mind. You can contact her or see more pictures of her art here.

I was supposed to play a few songs at this show but backed out because I have been sick all week…wah.

Bill Peden and his sister Allie were not sick and entertained us with their music. It was tops. You’ll hear them in the video but I still need to say, that 1940’s Martin guitar was perfect for Bill’s bluesy crooning and it’s always a pleasure to here Allie sing, her vocal control always gets me, it’s so perfect.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=848983&dest=-1]

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Premature blog fame=no fame at all

I spent a good amount of time on some random Sunday emailing music blogs. I felt for some reason like this could be a good way of gaining exposure. The following day we received a cheery email from Arjan Writes (www.arjanwrites.com), and Arjan was optimistic about our music. We were excited because his website was listed as one of the top ten music blogs on the web. This was our chance to gain access to other artists, to new fans, to open doors…or so we thought. He ended up featuring us on the homepage of the website in February. The feature can be seen here:


(scroll down the page about half way)

There was “The Bravery” and then there was us. On the SAME featured page. This was it. Finally, a break. 

A week after the post our myspace count went back down below 100, and the “break” was officially over. No labels emailed us, no promoters, no new fans saying “OH MY GOD you are sweet.”  Then we were swept off the homepage into the archives of February, and reality sunk in: Getting on a major music blog is not a way up…and in our case it was not really a way to anywhere at all.

Let the rat race continue….


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Aaron Roche played a song on my porch

[blip.tv ?posts_id=842492&dest=-1]
Aaron Roche stopped by my house tonight to borrow a guitar. Then he played a few songs for Mike Odmark, Amanda Ball and me. He’s one of the most talented people I know and this cell phone video doesn’t do him much justice.


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McClain And The Bear

One day there was this bear. He eats People. He probably ate at least 20 before he met us. We were walking to Nashville from New York, and the Bear jumped out with a bib on thinking he could just eat us on the spot. I hit him in the nose until he cried. Lindsay kicked him in the shins, and after he gave up we asked him for his guitar. He gave it to me. I play that guitar live now. You should see it. There are scratch marks on it and everything. It also says BEAR on the back.

Is this blogging?


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The Fools of April Tour

Daniel Ellsworth and “quote” are on a three week tour of the United States of America. If they are stopping in your city be sure and go see them…and throw some money at them while you’re at it. Here’s their remaining tour dates:

Apr 15 2008 8:00P
The Fools Of April Tour – House Show Newark, Delaware
Apr 16 2008 8:00P
The Fools Of April Tour – The Fire Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Apr 17 2008 7:00P
The Fools Of April Tour – Arlene’s Grocery New York, New York
Apr 18 2008 8:00P
The Fool Of April Tour – Think Coffee NYC New York, New York
Apr 19 2008 8:00P
The Fools Of April Tour – Private Party New York, New York
Apr 21 2008 8:00P
The Fools Of April Tour – The Red Door Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Apr 22 2008 8:00P
The Fools Of April Tour – Boulder Coffee Co. Rochester, New York
Apr 23 2008 8:00P
The Fools Of April – Ruby Tuesday Live Columbus, Ohio
Apr 24 2008 5:00P
The Fools Of April Tour – Al’s Bar – WRFL Benefit Concert Lexington, Kentucky
Apr 25 2008 8:00P
The Fools Of April – The Rudyard Kipling AKA – The Mother Lodge Louisville, Kentucky
Apr 27 2008 8:00P
The Fools Of April Tour – The 5 Spot – W/ The Early Evening, Daniel Ellsworth, and The Floorwalkers Nashville, Tennesse


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Ustream.tv or Yes I am a huge nerd

A few weeks ago I discovered ustream.tv which is a website that allows schmucks like me to stream live video with just a camera, computer and internet access. Here’s my page.

They also allow you to save the videos as they’re being recorded, so if you go to my profile you can watch me testing it out in my bedroom or watch me and some friends playing at my girlfriend’s art school. There were about three people watching us in real life and about 500 on the internet. What a strange time to be alive.

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