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Illegitimate children talk for musicians

I’ve noticed a trend.

When creating a profile for myspace (for music) one will be asked some difficult questions:

What is your primary genre? Who are your influences? What (or who) do you sound like?

Most people can usually tackle the first two questions, but the third question usually brings about the most creative turmoil. This turmoil has brought about a common response in many of the pages I have seen lately. That response goes something like this:

“The illegitimate child of_____” or simply “the love-child of____.”

We (McClain that is) might possibly sound a bit like Ryan Adams. Sometimes we sound like James Taylor. At other points I think we sound accidentally like Damien Rice…I hope that we don’t accidentally sound like Rob Thomas at any point in our music.

Through simply deductive reasoning we can come to the conclusion that all this love-child talk will not work for us when you take into account our “sound.” It is impossible. Physically impossible…Unless you throw in Patty Griffin or something. Then we might have something to work with.

Thank you.



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